Coffee & Breakroom Supplies

The products for the perfect breakroom and your all-day energy needs

An inviting breakroom gives your team a great place to connect and recharge. At Cardinal, we make it easy to keep your breakroom stocked with all the products your employees love, including:

  • Coffee, tea, and soft drinks
  • Napkins and paper products
  • Cups, plates, silverware, and utensils
  • Cookies chips, and snacks
  • Cleaning supplies to keep your breakroom clean and tidy

We keep all tastes in mind with our beverages and snack inventory. We offer the leading brands of coffee, as well as soft drinks, tea, disposables, and more—all competitively priced and conveniently delivered.

Our coffee service is simple: We will install and service your brewing system free of charge, and tailor your deliveries with the coffee of your choice including Bunn, Nescafe and the full line of Keurig coffee systems from single cup brewers and the Bolt Carafe brewing system for the entire office.

Our full line including:

  • Green Mountain
  • Gloria Jean’s
  • Timothy World Coffee
  • Assorted teas and cocoas
  • Hospitality furniture

You’ll also receive coffee cups, stirrers, creamer, sugar and sweetener. Our customer service team helps ensure a smooth installation experience with complimentary installation, troubleshooting and servicing.

Supply your office with brands they love when they’re taking five from a productive workday. Call or email us today to learn more about Cardinal for your breakroom needs.