We Can Help You Make Greener Choices

At Cardinal we can help you operate in more sustainable ways from the products you buy to the way you dispose of them.

Greener Buying

We offer over 4,000 environmentally friendly products and our online ordering system makes it easy to find and identify products with recycled content or more environmentally friendly properties when ordering. In fact, if greener purchasing is a goal for your organization, we can customize ordering guides for your workplace so you have green choices readily available.

Return to the Nest Packaging Recycling

Beyond the products we sell, we also work to impact the materials used in our packaging and delivery process. We will reclaim, reuse and recycle the packaging materials related to your orders to reduce our joint impact.

Easy Battery and Small Electronics Recycling

Our Big Green Box program is an easy, low cost way to provide small electronics and battery recycling for your company, your employees as well as your customers.

Simpler Recycling for Ink and Printer Cartridges

We can help you reduce ink and toner waste and dispose of cartridges in a more environmentally responsible way by collecting used printer cartridges for recycling.

The process is easy:

  • Save your empty printer cartridges
  • Return them to Cardinal
  • We’ll take care of the recycling

To find out more about our sustainability services contact us today.