Controlling Spend

How we make it easy to control company-wide spending

At Cardinal, we offer flexible, personalized procurement solutions to help you achieve companywide savings while improving your processes and controlling spend. It starts with our state of the art online ordering system, an easy way to place orders for delivery that also gives us the ability to drive cost-savings and support budget goals across your organization.

We will set up your own unique budgets, approval levels, reporting needs and customized billing to simplify budgeting and accounting. We’ll also track your product preferences, your contract pricing and overarching objectives that are automated across all your buyers.

Here is how we do it:

Control what products end users can select

While we offer over 50,000 products, we can restrict what end users can view and select to order with custom exclusion lists built into your online ordering account. These restrictions can be created by individuals or company wide. This enables you to implement organization wide purchasing controls and goals.

Custom ordering guides for contracted items

We can create custom ordering guides and direct end users to order from more cost efficient contracted products. For example, when a user wants to purchase file folders the order guide will point to the specific file folder under contract rather than our full portfolio of file folders.

Triggered order reviews

We can set up triggers to flag and direct orders to be reviewed internally before being submitted. Triggers that flag orders for review may include:

  • Exceeding individual limits: You can set a dollar amount by individuals for the amount that they can purchase before the order triggers a review. Orders over that amount would automatically be sent for review.
  • Exceeding Budgets: Budgets can be created and any orders that exceed budget can be sent for review and approval.
  • Orders of non-contract products: We can set up parameters that require all orders with non-contract products be reviewed.

To find out more about our strategic procurement services or learn how we can help you drive down your total cost of office products, contact us today.